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CLEARink’s breakthrough reflective technology offers full motion video on an ultra low power reflective display using existing display fabrications to realize affordable pricing.

How CLEARink technology works

CLEARink display technology is based on the use of charged particles in a fluid to modulate the total internal reflected light from the optical structures incorporated into its novel reflector film. Watch this short animated video to learn how it works.

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Reflective displays are ideal for wearable devices and mobile
phones, due to their lower power consumption and perfect outdoor readability.

CLEARink is a breakthrough reflective technology that offers all the pros of current screens — LCDs, LEDs, E-paper — with none of their downsides. Unfortunately, current reflective technologies do not deliver on video or cost-efficiency.

  • Low power
  • Low cost
  • Rich color
  • High brightness – outdoor readable
  • Fast redraw time – video capable

CLEARink’s technology is based on varying the brightness of a specially designed reflector film by modulating the total internal reflection of ambient light from the film, using a single electrically charged particle suspended in a liquid.

The inherent simplicity of CLEARink’s technology means that manufacturing costs will be lower than for any other reflective display technology, at comparable volumes. The technology progress to date has been beyond expectations:

  • Demonstrated displays with a brightness that exceeds those in commercial e-readers
  • A much brighter display leading to a market leading color reflective display
  • Demonstrated displays with high frame rates, enabling Internet surfing capability
  • Power usage well below that of other display technologies such as LCD or OLED, and only slightly above traditional monochrome reflective displays.

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